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Regardless of which process is used to separate or clean a fluid, Bürkert guarantees you the purest results. Whether you are using corrosive fluids, in large volumes or the smallest dose, we filter your medium precisely.

We are fascinated by everything that flows…

That is because the lowest common denominator in industry is the handling of fluids - measuring, dosing, mixing, filtration, controlling, setting and regulating are required everywhere. At Bürkert, we start by analysing your fluid challenge and then apply basic physical principles to overcome it. Thanks to our expertise in fluid technology and our related service portfolio, we always offer our customers the optimum solution – across all industry boundaries.

By the way: Our solenoid valves, process valves, control valves and electromotive valves can help solve every fluidic challenge.

Why we offer the best filtration solutions

Low investment costs and space requirements due to optimised packing densities

The use of different diaphragm diameters allows us to optimise the active diaphragm surface within our filtration modules. The greater the amount of diaphragm surface is available per module, the fewer the number of modules that need to be purchased. In turn, this means that less space is required with regard to the complete filtration system.

Process reliability through a consistently high flow rate of the permeate

A consistently high flow rate of the permeate ensures that your process is reliable and stable. Our filtration modules are designed to minimise fluctuations in the permeate flow rates, which allows the intervals between scheduled cleaning cycles to be extended significantly.

Increased plant availability and swift start-ups thanks to on-site service and technical support

We provide comprehensive advice to our customers on the application of our filtration modules. An in-depth understanding of the overall process as it operates for you is a key factor in this regard. We aim to select the modules to ensure that your plant availability is enhanced and your processes run safely. In addition to advising on the actual module, we are happy to provide comprehensive support, for example, during start-ups on site or in advance in the form of professional consulting regarding the correct technical configuration (e.g. in terms of hydraulic systems, pipelines, pumps).

Short response time thanks to immediate availability of many filtration modules

It is often necessary to source a filtration module at short, especially if the continued operation of an entire plant is at stake. Our standard MBR products held in stock are available immediately, which allows us to respond flexibly and quickly to your needs.


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