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We are working on it – Bürkert on the path to climate neutrality

As a family-owned business, taking on social and ecological responsibility has always been deeply rooted in the Bürkert company culture, as is also documented in our company values.

This is why sustainability and climate protection are important topics for us. Helping our customers to comply with higher environmental standards is just one aspect of this; we as a company are also increasingly facing the need to reduce our own environmental footprint. Talking about sustainability is one thing – what really counts is doing it.

That is why we at Bürkert have set out on a path with a clear direction: With the project '203ZER0', we are dedicating ourselves to the various fields of action in the different scopes to become climate neutral by 2030.

Our Goal

Climate neutral by

We are aware that our business activities have an impact on our environment and that the resources of our planet are limited. We have committed ourselves to strategically address the issue of climate protection at Bürkert.

Our path to climate neutrality


Scope 3
  • E-mobility
  • Carbon offset


Scope 1 + 2
  • Sustainable construction
  • Green electricity
  • E-mobility
  • Carbon offset


Scope 3
  • Product development process
  • Carbon offset

Current activities at Bürkert

Green electricity

Since 2021, all German Bürkert locations have been supplied with green electricity. This has made it possible to achieve a CO2 emission reduction of >90% in the area of electricity (based on the GHG Protocol standard). In addition, the expansion of our own facilities for the generation of renewable energy is just as much a focus of our efforts as the evaluation and implementation of measures for energy reduction.


The Bürkert fleet is continuously being expanded to include various e-vehicles. In addition, e-charging stations are available at all factory locations in Germany.

Carbon offset

We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the environment that cannot be completely avoided at the present time. Therefore, it is part of our holistic climate strategy to offset remaining emissions. Bürkert obtains offset certificates from a reforestation project that has been certified according to the strict Gold Standard rules.

Sustainable construction

In addition to optimal location utilisation, ecological goals are a high priority at Bürkert when it comes to new buildings. This includes elaborate measures for energy conservation, supply and distribution. The Bürkert Campus for example, a big building complex near Bürkert headquarters in Ingelfingen, has been awarded for its CO2-neutral construction by TÜV. This standard will be maintained in future construction projects.

Analysing the carbon footprint of our solutions

In line with our corporate responsibility, a targeted orientation of Bürkert’s product development process towards sustainability is essential. For this purpose, we are analysing where CO2 is generated and where it can be saved, which is a first step towards CO2-neutral production.

In addition to our carbon footprint reduction activities, we are committed to meeting the standards set in our Code of Conduct and Human Rights Declaration.