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    ✓ Easy connectivity through an integrated switch
    ✓ Seamless integration into control systems with a direct PROFINET connection
    ✓ Higher operational safety and availability via integrated redundancy protocols like MRP
    ✓ Transparent access to data through standard web technologies
    ✓ Detailed and precise diagnostic capabilities

  • EtherNet/IP

    ✓ High speed data transmission
    ✓ Easy connectivity through an integrated switch
    ✓ Seamless integration into control systems without additional network components
    ✓ Higher plant availability due to integrated redundancy protocols like DLR
    ✓ Simultaneous control, configuration and collection of data

  • EDIP

    ✓ Digital interface in every field device
    ✓ Reduced commissioning effort and planning
    ✓ Integration into higher level control systems through robust multiprotocol gateways
    ✓ Simple device exchange via intelligent data storage concepts (Configuration Provider)
    ✓ Advanced device diagnostics based on NAMUR NE107
    ✓ Decentralized intelligence by integrated graphical programming

  • IO-Link

    ✓ Simple installation and integration in higher level automation systems
    ✓ Reduced cabling effort via standardized connectors
    ✓ Plug-and-produce device exchange
    ✓ Access to advanced diagnostic data

  • ASi

    ✓ Simple and quick installation
    ✓ Reduced cabling effort via the piercing technology
    ✓ Data and power on one cable
    ✓ Free selection of network topology
    ✓ Integration into higher level of fieldbuses via gateways or network couplers

Everything that flows fascinates us... including data!

The special thing about Bürkert: We take on your fluidic challenge and make use of the effects of physical active principles to solve them. But that's not all. We also combine our expertise in measurement and control technology with those in automation, because connecting components from process control to field devices plays an important role in digital transformation. We are prepared for that.

Industrial Communication

Bürkert’s Industrial Communication Training &
Competence Center

Did you think of Bürkert up until now as a mere valve manufacturer? Well, then get ready to be surprised.
Bürkert is experienced in developing products with
fieldbus technologies since several decades. Take a
look at our highly equipped and modern competence
and training center for all topics related to connectivity
at the headquarters in Ingelfingen. Starting from
PROFIBUS to IO-Link we have all our bases covered.
Come visit us and see for yourself.



How do you benefit from it?

  • Ensuring the highest level of quality thanks to thorough device testing
  • Integration support (also remote) for field devices in various engineering systems
  • Support in selecting in the right technology for your application needs
  • Technical trainings for any communication technology to fill any knowledge gaps
  • Participation in collaborations such as Open Integration to support multi-vendor interoperability

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